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North Staffs Powerboat / Dam Head / Rudyard Lake / Staffordshire ST13 8XB

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Terms and Conditions

Course Fees

All course fees must be paid in full before the start of the course. A place will only be reserved on a specific course on receipt of the full course fee and completed application forms.

Cancellation by the Client

The course fee will be refunded in full only on receipt of a written cancellation (email is acceptable) and earlier than 14 days prior to the commencement of the course. Reimbursement following cancellation within 14 days of the course commencement is discretional depending on replacements being found.

Cancellation by North Staffs Powerboat

North Staffs Powerboat reserves the right to cancel a course at any time if viable numbers are not achieved, or there are circumstances beyond our control, such as a severe weather warning.. In this event we will give you as much notice as possible and we will endeavour to offer the same course on an alternative date. If this is not possible or acceptable then the course fee will be refunded in full.

Age and Physical Fitness

Any person under the age of 18 years of age  for the course must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the course. This is a child protection / legislation / North Staffs Powerboat Policy.

Powerboat courses involve a degree of physical exertion. If you suffer from asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, dizzy spells, angina or other heart conditions you should consult a doctor before booking. Powerboating courses can be unsuitable for people with back or knee problems. If you are uncertain, we strongly recommend you seek medical advice and discuss your condition with us prior to booking.

You must advise us, when booking, of any medical issues, conditions, or disabilities. This enables us to review and discuss with you how we can accommodate you on the course.

If your condition required you to take / administer medicine then please declare this on your application form, bring the items with you and if required inform your instructor as to their location to assist you should you have difficulties or become unable to retrieve them during the course. We will treat your declarations in confidence.

North Staffs Powerboat are unable to refund you if you have not declared any disabilities or illness or condition which subsequently affects you whilst on the course .North Staffs Powerboat are unable to refund you should your declared condition prove to be the reason for you leaving the course before it is completed.


North Staffs Powerboat is covered by a Public and Employers Liability Insurance Policy in respect of loss, damage or injury resulting from negligence by North Staffs Powerboat, its employees or representatives. It is recommended that clients participating in courses at the school take out their own insurance to cover them against personal accident or injury as this is not covered by the centres insurances.

Photographs / Videos

During your course, we may take photos / videos, which we are happy to share with you for you to share with friends etc, with these photos also being used on our website and facebook page for the purposes of promoting North Staffs Powerboat and our courses. If you are not happy with photos / videos being shared / published then please advise us at the start of the course.


Bookings are only accepted on the understanding that clients agree to abide by North Staffs Powerboat safety regulations. Relevant safety briefings will be given at the beginning of each course.

Complaints Procedure

At the end of every course each client will be provided with a feedback form, to give the opportunity for you to tell us how you rate the quality of our service. This also gives every client the opportunity to register any complaint. However, the earlier we are aware of any issues, the earlier we are able to address those issues. North Staffs Powerboat requires any client with a complaint to inform the course instructor in a timely fashion, to enable him to address the issue.

If this isn’t possible then the client should contact the Principal - Stuart Scrimgeour. North Staffs Powerboat pride ourselves on the quality of our service. However, if a client wishes to make a formal complaint, this should be done in writing to the Principal.