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North Staffs Powerboat / Dam Head / Rudyard Lake / Staffordshire ST13 8XB

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Powerboat Refresher Day - £150

Struggling for helm time or gone a bit rusty in your driving? Do you  need a skills update day with an instructor? If you feel that your skills need a refresh or a simple ‘up skilling’ then you could attend our Powerboat Refresher Day.

Duration: 1 Day

Min Age: 12 Years (under 18’s to be accompanied by a parent)

Candidates must hold a Powerboat Level 2 Certificate (endorsed certs for under 16’s are acceptable, but a parent must also be in attendance as either a candidate or observer)

Powerboat Refresher Day

Course Dates 2018

Dates for these Skills Refresher Days are organised ‘On Demand’.

Contact us via the ‘Contact Us Page’ to discuss dates and your Refresher Day.

Powerboat Refresher Day


The day will consist of an early induction and discussion as to what aspects of powerboating you need to improve. We can tailor the day to be specific areas or simply a run through a number of syllabus sections. This is about helm time for you and as such the instructor will only drive to demonstrate manoeuvres for you. As you hold a Powerboat Level 2 certificate you drive!

As the day progresses and your confidence grows we can create scenarios which stretch your skills and put you out of your comfort zone to enable a bit of alternative thinking.

As the lake is usually fairly busy its a great opportunity to learn about ‘Rules of the Road’ or IRPCS.. Do you know them? and to put them into practice.

We also offer sessions in the use of GPS and with the dual instruments on the boat we can set a number of tasks and examples for use and limitations of GPS to again increase your working experience of navigation systems.

If navigation and chart work are your interest we can spend a period looking at these, although you may wish to attend the Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course we also offer.

Give us a call and have a chat about what you need out of a day like this.

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