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Powerboat Instructor Course - £260

Training Candidates will attend a three day instructor course run by an RYA Powerboat Trainer and assessed by an independent Trainer and will run a number of sessions to develop personal skills and teaching ability. The sessions will cover inland and coastal aspects.

Course Duration: 3 days

Min Age: 16 years old

Candidates should have at least 5 seasons logged powerboating experience, have successfully completed the Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment within the previous 12 months, hold a valid 1st Aid Certificate (RYA recognised / Approved) and be a current member of the RYA.

Conducted with a maximum ratio of 6 students.

Powerboat Instructor Course

Course Dates 2018


21st July 2018 - Course Code PISA/1

PBI Course

20, 21 & 27th October 2018 - Course Code PBI/1

RYA Powerboat Instructor Course


The course will consist of:  


Principles of practical instruction Lesson planning Teaching styles Use of questioning Preparation and use of visual aids Assessment of students' learning Explanation and presentation of theory subjects Structure of the scheme Planning progressive teaching sessions Preparation of boats and equipment Teaching methods to Level 2. (Both Inland and Coastal)


Certificate validity: Instructor certificates are valid for five years from the date of issue, provided that a valid first aid certificate is maintained.


Course Duration: 3 days Minimum age: 16 years


Candidates will be expected to run both water based and land based sessions to deliver the Level 2 Powerboat syllabus. Each candidate will also be expected to deliver a presentation to the group on a nominated subject. It should be noted that inland PBI courses (as from 1st Jan 2017) also must cover coastal aspects of tuition and as such candidates are expected to familiarise themselves with coastal aspects, such as tides, navigation, chartwork, and be able to deliver these topics either for a water or land based session.

The moderator may ask you to deliver your session on the basis that it is coastal.


During the course you will receive feedback from your peers after each completed session and personal 1:1 feedback from the trainer.

A high degree of preparation work is expected and required to ensure you are prepared and able to complete the tasks set on the course and homework is also an essential aspect in the preparation for your designated presentation.

Candidates are encouraged to bring with them all of the supporting material, visual aids and books to support their time on the course. The Instructor Handbook is provided within the course fee.

A projector (VGA connector) and flip charts are provided. Any other presentation media is to be provided by the candidate.

Candidates are assessed on a continual basis by both the Trainer and Moderator and a joint decision as to their suitability as a Powerboat Instructor is made prior to the course completion. Candidates are given individual feedback at the end of the course by both the Trainer and Moderator.

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