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Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment - £85

Candidates wishing to attend the Powerboat Instructor Course will need to have successfully completed the Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment prior to attending the PBI Course.

This is a practical and theory based assessment. Candidates will need to demonstrate a proficiency of driving skills covered in the Level 2 syllabus and also complete a written knowledge assessment. (Oral assessments can be arranged if required)

Assessment Duration: 1 Day

Min Age: 16 years old

Candidates should have at least 5 seasons logged powerboating experience or a seasons experience if working within an active watersports environment.

Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment

Assessment Dates 2018


21st July 2018 - Course Code PISA/1

RYA Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment


Conduct of the assessment


The assessment will be carried out by a Powerboat Trainer at a recognised training centre or affiliated club.

Venue:   Coastal or Inland Assessed by:   Powerboat Trainer

Eligibility:   Powerboat Level 2 (Coastal or Inland)

Minimum age:  16 years   

Max Ratio: 1:6


Knowledge Assessment

The candidate will be given the opportunity to demonstrate a level of proficiency in the subject being assessed, this will be conducted via a written knowledge quiz in written format.. It covers both inland and coastal subject areas. Therefore the candidate should be able to explain the subject in great depth, including background theory where required.


Candidates who require an oral assessment for the knowledge check should make it known to the Centre prior to the assessment day.


Practical Assessment


Practical assessment will include all elements of the Powerboat Level 2 direct assessment and be conducted along with other candidates under observation by the Trainer.


Upon completion, the Trainer will make an entry into the candidate’s logbook G20 giving details of the venue, date and outcome. Trainers are encouraged to record details of both passes and failures.  


Unsuccessful candidates will have the reasons for not passing explained to them. The Trainer will offer guidance in what is needed to achieve their goal. This will be in the form of a short action plan.


If an action plan is set and partial reassessment is required the candidate must complete this before attending an instructor course. Trainers will check that a candidate is eligible before accepting them on to an instructor training course.  


Successful candidates should endeavour to attend their Instructor training course within 12 months of passing the Powerboat Skills Assessment.


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