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North Staffs Powerboat / Dam Head / Rudyard Lake / Staffordshire ST13 8XB

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Powerboat Instructor Improver Day - £150

Candidates wishing to attend the Powerboat Instructor Course will need to have successfully completed the Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment prior to attending the PBI Course. If you feel that your skills need a refresh or a simple ‘up skilling’ then you could attend our Powerboat Instructor Improver Day.

Duration: 1 Day

Min Age: 16 years old

Candidates must hold a Powerboat Level 2 Certificate

Powerboat Instructor Improver Day

Course Dates 2018

Dates for these Skills Refresher Days are organised ‘On Demand’.

Contact us via the ‘Contact Us Page’ to discuss dates and your Refresher Day.

Powerboat Instructor Improver Day


The day will consist of an early induction and discussion as to what parts of the syllabus are to be reviewed and improved.

Essentially the day is spent on the water and driving each of the syllabus sections to check and improve the driving skills. Your instructor / trainer will provide feedback and assist you with your driving approaches and control.

Most of our candidates who attend these days are simply after quality helm time to dust off bad habits and to learn new skills which will prove useful on the PBI Course and to assist with passing the Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment (P.I.S.A.). The time spent helming and repeating the exercises certainly has benefits for the candidates as the instructor / trainer will ensure that the key points required for the P.I.S.A. are achieved.

If required a portion of the day can be spent discussing and reviewing the knowledge elements to ascertain any early gaps in your knowledge, thus allowing time to read up and prepare for the P.I.S.A.

Give us a call and have a chat about what you need out of a day like this.

The other added benefit is that you train in the powerboat you get assessed in, if you do your P.I.S.A. with North Staffs Powerboat that is!

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