North Staffs Powerboat

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North Staffs Powerboat / Dam Head / Rudyard Lake / Staffordshire ST13 8XB

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Ribcraft 585 RIB

Manufactured in the UK and named ‘Scorpio’.

Hopefully this 6m RIB will provide us with a high quality training platform to give our students a chance to drive and experience some of the industry’s latest technology.

The boat is equipped with the latest GPS Touch Screen Chartplotters, Sonar, DSC VHF Radio, Compass and a Lowrance Sonic Hub sound system.

Powered by a Suzuki 140hp outboard and a 180 litre internal fuel tank, we should have a range of approx 160 miles.

Have a look at our courses and call us if you want to have a drive of this new acquisition.

Our Workboat


Fitted Equipment

Use of Electronic Navigation

North Staffs Powerboat are keen to keep up to date with modern technology and have fitted their boat with  GPS Chartplotters and a DSC VHF Radio. These being linked together allows the position information to be transmitted by the VHF Radio. This, in an emergency at sea, speeds up the response and accuracy of the rescue services as the exact location of the vessel would be transmitted along with the Mayday call.


The boat is also equipped with colour sonar / depth sounder, compass and other electronic instruments regarding the boats status.

Chartplotters are a very accurate navigation aid. The chart data card loaded onto the chartplotter provides additional information such as depths, obstructions and tides for your local area.

The boat is fitted with the following:

Scorpio - Ready to go! - This is what you are taught in.